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Sustainable is my Fashion

As a Sustainable Fashion advocate and consultant with a mission to excite her audiences about brand sustainability. She feels the only way to get closer to cultivating a more sustainable relationship with fashion is to genuinely love and respect what we wear.

The fashion industry has become one of the biggest polluters on earth but successful brands re-envision themselves as part of the solution by implementing re-usable practices when building their brands. Brands now have the tools to creatively develop products that are beautiful, commercial and sustainable. Natacha wants to bring sustainability and ethics into the world of fashion and to advocate brands and consumers to make responsible decisions about sourcing and purchasing materials/products that are sustainable and has a long-term life expectancy

Sustainable means different things to different people and there are so many things that a customer can do to be a sustainable customer. It does not have to be overwhelming, Natacha is here to reconnect you with your clothes by reinventing your style.




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